April 15, 2012
Kabul Attacks (Map + Info + Links)

Afghanistan’s capital Kabul was under attack for several hours this evening. They were directed at both central and southern Kabul. Here’s a map to illustrate the scope of the attacks:

The three locations in the north of the map are the US Embassy, the German Embassy and the UK Embassy and the large one in the south is the Afghan Parliament, which were all attacked according to the Intentional Security Assistance Force, Al Jazeera reports. A third attack was carried out against the Turkish army base east of the city not shown in this map.

The attacks are reminiscent of the attack last year on the US Embassy where terrorists holed up in a building and used higher ground to shoot at targets around them. Reports from today indicate that a similar strategy is possibly been employed in this attack, but it is too early to confirm that possibility with certainty.

Multiple reporters in Kabul on Twitter quoted Interior Ministry officials claiming that at least four terrorists in the attacks have been killed and there maybe two to three more still at large. Attackers used heavy weapons, including grenades per some reports and as loud explosions were heard from the scene of the attacks as well as gunfire, that possibility is quite strong.

The Interior Ministry also confirmed the wounding of 11 policemen, but denied any deaths and no civilian casualty figures were available. There’s also footage of the attacks from Mashaal Radio and Tolo TV. It is worth mentioning that international troops were not involved in repelling the terrorists and the Afghan police were the ones responsible for stamping them out.

Follow Afghan reporters Massoud Husseini, Ahmad Mukhtar, Ehsanullah Amiri and Habib Khan Totakhil for more updates.

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