March 29, 2012
Afghanistan’s Chickens Roosting in Pakistan

As if the flurry of bad news coming out of Afghanistan these days wasn’t enough, there’s more to add to our misery. I just got done watching the first video report from the village in Panjwai district where the Kandahar Massacre happened. Again, another Afghan in to get the story out first.

I turn to Facebook and there it is, glaring me in the face - Misery-Bringer-in-Chief of Afghanistan Commander Brother Professor Engineer Guldboddin Hekmatyar’s daughter in a Pakistani newspaper calling for the immediate withdrawal of the United States’s forces from Afghanistan.

But wait, it gets better. The reason Maryam Gulboddin wants US troops out isn’t because of the bloodshed or because they may be empowering some of her father’s old buddies who currently run Kabul. She wants it so because *drum roll*: women do not feel secure in Afghanistan because of US troops. Per Ms. Guldboddin, Afghan women’s honor is being threatened and they are not getting their full rights. All because of Uncle Sam.

Here’s an image of the newspaper article from Pakistani newspaper Mashriq:

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The text in Urdu also adds that she was speaking at a seminar for women’s role in peace in Shamshatoo Camp in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.. Maybe if Ms. Gulboddin is serious about peace, she could ask her father to put a stop to his three-decade long war in which his forces are directly responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of miserable lives?

Or maybe actually go live in Afghanistan for a change so she could see for her own eyes what the women are up to?

Food for thought…

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