May 23, 2012
About Daily NiteOwl…

I’m going to try and keep this short.

I used to have a different blog a couple of years ago. It was registered under and mainly published my work on Iran and Afghanistan. Many people who know me from before 2011 know about the blog and I’ve been asked a few times why I won’t start it again.

Unfortunately, beginning in late 2010, my webmaster went through some turbulent times and was unable to keep the website registered. I, too, went through some personal issues in early-to-mid 2011 and wasn’t able to keep track of it.

It seems the domain name has dropped and has been re-registered by someone I do not know. They’ve already made a couple of posts in the past week or so that are similar to the subjects that I used to cover.

I want to make it clear that it is in NO WAY connected to me. I do NOT run anymore. The current owner can be anyone. So please don’t do any of these things:

1. DON’T email this person any private or public information that you want to give to me. You can contact me on Twitter if you need to reach me. I’m under

2. DON’T respond to emails from this person if they pretend they are me. You could get into trouble by sending them private or public information.

3. DON’T believe them if they tell any of you that they have personal information that belongs to you. They don’t have anything on anyone.

If they contact you and tell you they are me, please get in touch with me so we could take proper action against them.

4. DON’T fall for anyone if they contact you through the Twitter id @DailyNiteOwl. I don’t have that currently either. My only legit Twitter handle is @JShahryar.

Other than this, I’ve been extremely careful with people’s personal information. Practically no one’s gotten in touch with me through DNO in the past and I haven’t used the email to get in touch with them or if I have, I have deleted those emails. So there’s no real danger from things in the past.

Just going forward, be careful.


Your Josh

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